Classic Tahini Bulk- 40 lbs

Mighty Sesame tahini adds great flavor to any dish, it’s a perfect addition to any kitchen. With Mighty Sesame tahini you can create dishes that appeal to vegans, gluten free or gluten sensitive people, and people keeping a keto and paleo diet.

Mighty Sesame has developed the ideal tahini through its patented process. We use only the highest quality of sesame seeds sourced from the more reputed growing region in the world, Ethiopia.

Mighty Sesame was named #1 best tahini you can buy by Epicurious!

Mighty Sesame Tahini has no sediment which means less waste. Mighty Sesame has a higher yield because of its better water absorption. We have a unique creamy and velvety texture due to its higher viscosity.

Add Mighty Sesame Tahini to your menu today!

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